• Develop geospatial web service and knowledge management technologies for NASA EOS data environment.
  • Implement them in an open, standard-based, distributed, interoperable web service system—GeoBrain.
  • Provide the data-enhanced learning environment enabled by GeoBrain to higher-education institutes for easy accessing, analyzing, and modeling with the huge volume of NASA EOSDIS data and information.
  • Enable the education users to handle vast NASA EOS data and computing resources like their local ones.
  • Develop/enhance courses that fully utilize the environment for Earth System Science/Geospatial education.
  • Geo-object and geo-tree concepts form the theoretical foundation for the geospatial web service and knowledge management technologies in GeoBrain.
  • Standard-based web service system enables the dynamic and interactive construction and running of interoperable geospatial service modules and models over the web.
  • Open GIS Consortium’s standards on geospatial web services are the foundation for the service and model interoperability. Geospatial models, constructed from standard-based services modules, and their components are reusable in construction of other geospatial models and are sharable with peers.
  • The system is built on the top of the common data environment enabled by Open GIS Consortium (OGC) Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Map Service (WMS) and Catalog Service for Web (CSW) Specifications.
  • With the common data environment, models can access petabytes of geospatial data without worrying about details of the data formations and data preprocessing.
  • The full implementation of the GeoBrain system will allow anyone equipped with an Internet-connected PC to conduct large-scale projects on Earth science research and applications with great easiness.
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  • Student Enrichment Programs
  • Curriculum Development and Support
  • Educational Technology
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