On Jan. 12-13, 2006

The NASA-sponsored Education-oriented Geobrain project's partners team meeting was successfully held at Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standard, George Mason University. There are 12 peoples from 8 institutions taking part in the meeting.

Meeting Goals:

  1. To let partners learn how to get NASA data for teaching and research from GeoBrain system in the projection, format, spatial/temporal coverage they need.
  2. To let partners know about the direction of GeoBrain development and get them interested in development of modules and models.
  3. To make partners get familiar with the available data in GeoBrain and the steps to get the data they need. So, the immediate feedback from them can be gotten for the further improvement of Geobrain.
  4. To involve partners in the development of Geobrain.

Meeting Attendees

Wei Luo, Northern Illinois University
Eugene Clothiaux, Penn State University
Ben Root, Penn State University
Fang Qiu, University of Texas at Dallas
Guoqing Zhou, Old Dominion University
Mark Abolins, Middle Tennessee State University
Hongmian Gong, Hunter College of City University of New York
Robert Ford, Loma Linda University
Liping Di, George Mason University
Wenli Yang, George Mason University
Meixia Deng, George Mason University
Peisheng Zhao, George Mason University
Aijun Chen, George Mason University
Yuqi Bai, George Mason University
Upendra Dadi, George Mason University
Yaxing Wei, George Mason University

Meeting Notes
Meeting Pictures
Panels and Actions after Meeting

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