• February 2012
    GeoBrain enables CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC) in GeOnAS and GeoDataDownload portal. More datasets from NASA ECHO, NOAA CLASS, USGS LandSAT and INPE data center are now supported for inventory search.

  • April 2011
    "Geospatial Web Services: Advances in Information Interoperability" book published. This book was published by IGI Global. Please click here to find this book on the IGI Global website.
    This book highlights the strategic role of geospatial Web services in a distributed heterogeneous environment and the life cycle of geospatial Web services for building interoperable geospatial applications.

  • April 2011
    WCS4DEM add the support to GLSDEM and SRTM30Plus (Bathymetry) products. Learn More...

  • February 2011
    GeoBrain portals (GeOnAS & GeoData Download) add the virtual coverage support for MODIS data.

  • January 2011
    GeoBrain adds the virtual coverage support for MODIS data.

  • January 2011
    GeoData Download add the support to another three products: Global Land Survey Digital Elevation Model (GLSDEM), GOES Sea Surface Temperature (SST), GOES Surface and Insolation Products (GSIP).Enter...

  • November 2010
    GeoData Download add the support to NOAA GOES products: GOES Aerosol Smoke Products (GASP) - Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), Automated Smoke Detection and Tracking Algorithm (ASDTA) Smoke-East AOD.Enter...

  • March 2010
    Windsat Dataset Download v2.0 is released. More data are registered. Adding Land surface temperature and Vegetation Water Content data type. Supporting package download, whcih could download 100 records one time. Enter...

  • February 2010
    GeoDataDownload v3.0 is released. GMU Landsat archive has been expanded. More than 2000 Landsat granules have been recently archived. They are available for online access, download, customization, or analysis. Discovery of and access to USGS Landsat archive is supported. Customization of NOAA GOES -11/12 Imager and Sounder data is demonstrated. Enter...

  • January 2010
    GMU GeoBrain team releases WCS for DEM data, GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage, and GetCoverage

  • October 2009
    GMU GeoBrain team develops DEMExplorer for DEM data exploration and customization, including SRTM 90m (global), SRTM 30m (USA only) and ASTER DEM 30m (global).

  • June 2009
    GMU GeoBrain team as one of main participants conducts a OWS-6 demonstration to showcase the Sensor Web Workflow and Geospatial Processing Workflow at OGC Interoperability Day.

  • May 2008
    GeoBrain is used for curriculum development and highlighted in the Tools Time Session in the NSF AccessData 2008 Workshop.

  • March 2008
    GMU GeoBrain team as one of main participants conducts a OWS-5 demonstration to showcase the Sensor Web Workflow at OGC Interoperability Day. Demo video...

  • August 2007
    GeoBrain Online Analysis System v1.0 is released to the education partners for public testing. Enter...

  • May 2007
    GeoBrain Project Team Meeting 2007 is held at the CSISS. See detail...

  • January 2007
    GeoBrain education partners in 2006 are selected. See detail...

  • December 2006
    GMU as one of main participants conducts OWS-4 demonstration to showcase the applications of OGC standards within the Earth Observation community and to demonstrate the value of interoperability in that environment. See detail... Client demo and workflow demo are provided by GMU.

  • Septemper 2006
    GMU CSISS team wins a 3rd place prize in the 2006 IEEE International Services Computing Contest, Sept. 17-22 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA.. See detail...

  • August 2006
    OGC WFS and relevant WMS are set up to host nationwide feature data, including state, county, city, roads, railroads and rivers. See detail...

  • July 2006
    OGC GEOSS Services Network (GSN): Denver IGARSS06 demo is lead by George Mason University to illustrate near real-time workflow of data access, browsing, and analysis of distributed air quality data from satellite and surface sensors.

  • June 2006
    GeoBrain Data Download 2.0 is released with new features.

  • May 2006
    2006 GeoBrain Partner RFP is released

  • April 2006
    GeoBrain Data Download 1.1 is released for helping users to download data.New features...

  • February 2006
    GeoBrain issues/bugs tracking system is released to help users to report system errors. See instruction.

  • January 2006
    Project partners' team meeting was successfully held at LAITS.

  • December 2005
    A tutorial on abstract model designer is published.

  • November 2005
    A tutorial of constructing BPEL processes using GRASS webservices is published. Also GRASS web services is here.

  • September 2005
    Virtual Data Product Querying, Modeling and Downloading are available now. Click here.

  • June 2005
    Request for proposals for higher-education partner in 2005 is issued. See detail.

  • April 2005
    Data Products Download is opened to the public. Users can search and download remote sensing data such as Landsat data, MODIS data, and ASTER data . Over 10 TB data are in the repository.

  • March 2005
    Multiple-Protocol Geospatil Client (MPGC) v1.0 is released. MPGC provides an interoperable way of accessing geospatial Web services, especially those from OGC, for integrating and analyzing distributed heterogeneous Earth science data.

  • March 2005
    SOAP based Web service interfaces to Open Source GIS software GRASS are finished.

  • January 2005
    BPELPower is published for Web Services Orchestration. It now supports BPEL-based web service chain completely.

  • January 2005
    GeoBrain team wins Open Geospatial Design Competition. "not only brought together multiple OGC Specifications and CarbonTools, but also integrated with the Google search engine".

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