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Nearly 80 geospatial Web services have been developed to provide geospatial processing and analysis based on existing software or geosciences modules. Most of them are developed to manipulate raster, vector, process satellite image data based on Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS), which is an open source (GNU GPL'ed), image processing and geographic information system (GIS). Some other Web services are developed based on our existing Web services or some geoscience analysis modules.

These Web services are SOAP based, each service has WSDL description and the service input and output are accessible network points, i.e. URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). As a result, these geospatial Web services could be used easily and invoked independently by any client in any part of the world. All these Web services have been categorized according to OGC standard service type taxonomy and registered into the catalogue services, so that they can be easily searched for use. They have been used in an Online Analysis System (GeOnAS) within the framework of GeoBrain, an open, interoperable, distributed, standard-compliant, multi-tier Web-based geospatial information services and knowledge building system.

GRASS_based geospatial Web services for satellite image processing (12):

  1. Raster_EdgeDetection
  2. Raster_FFT
  3. Raster_FusionBrovey
  4. Raster_HIS2RGB
  5. Raster_IFFT
  6. Raster_Mosaic
  7. Raster_OIF
  8. Raster_PCA
  9. Raster_RGB2HIS
  10. Raster_SupervisedClassification
  11. Raster_TasseledCap
  12. Raster_UnsupervisedClassification

GRASS_based geospatial Web services for raster map processing (28):

  1. Raster_Aspect
  2. Raster_BBoxClip
  3. Raster_Buffer
  4. Raster_ChangeColortable_Copy
  5. Raster_ChangeColortable_Predefined
  6. Raster_ChangeColortable_Userdefined
  7. Raster_CreateContour
  8. Raster_GeoparameterCalculation
  9. Raster_GreyScale
  10. Raster_ImageAlgebra
  11. Raster_LatLonBBoxClip
  12. Raster_MatrixFilter
  13. Raster_NDVI
  14. Raster_PatchMultiBand
  15. Raster_PatchSingleBand
  16. Raster_PolygonClip
  17. Raster_Profile
  18. Raster_ProfileCurvature
  19. Raster_Rescale
  20. Raster_RGBcomposite
  21. Raster_RGBextract
  22. Raster_Slope
  23. Raster_SurfaceGeneration
  24. Raster_SurfaceInterpolation
  25. Raster_TangentialCurvature
  26. Raster_TopographicIndex
  27. Raster_TopographicShading
  28. Raster_Vectorization

GRASS_based geospatial Web services for raster map statistics (6):

  1. Raster_AreaStatistics
  2. Raster_ClassificationStatistics
  3. Raster_CovarianceCorrelation
  4. Raster_DefinedIntervalStatistics
  5. Raster_EqualIntervalStatistics
  6. Raster_ManualIntervalStatistics

GRASS_based geospatial Web services for vector map processing (15):

  1. Vector_AttributeColumn
  2. Vector_Buffer
  3. Vector_BuildPolylines
  4. Vector_BuildTopology
  5. Vector_CleanTopology
  6. Vector_FeatureExtraction
  7. Vector_FeatureSelection
  8. Vector_GML2SHP
  9. Vector_Overlay
  10. Vector_Patch
  11. Vector_QueryInformation
  12. Vector_Rasterization
  13. Vector_SHP2GML
  14. Vector_ShortestPath
  15. Vector_ValueExtraction

Web services for hydrological anlysis (5):

  1. Raster_DrainageBasin
  2. Raster_FlowAccumulation
  3. Raster_FlowDirection
  4. Raster_StreamExtraction
  5. Raster_OpennessCalculation

GRASS_based Web service for fire-spread simulation:

Web services emulate GRASS commands (7):

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